Helpshift + Power BI = Actionable Data Insights

At Helpshift, we understand that data drives decision-making. This is why we’ve partnered with Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool, to provide you with easy-to-use analytics dashboards that put your most critical business insights into one view.

Power BI provides granular down-to-the-minute insights so you can learn even more about Agent performance and trends in Issues. Metrics you can track in Power BI include upticks in volume, increases in select types of Issues, fluctuations in CSAT ratings, and more.

These insights will allow you to reallocate resources to support peak traffic hours, retrain team members to raise CSAT ratings, and identify more opportunities to improve the customer experience.

You can interact with Power BI in the following ways:

  • Customizable reports: easily switch out which reports show first on your Power BI dashboard
  • Review trends down to the minute based on an array of data points and filters
  • Set alerts to track spikes and other unusual changes in your workflow
  • New options for filtering data, such as filtering by tags, platform, and Agent
  • Share reports across your whole team for visibility
  • Export data to Excel to share with key stakeholders outside your team

Key insights you can discover with Power BI:

    • Whether your Agents meet key SLA deadlines (particularly important for VIP or escalated Issues)
    • What times of day your team receives the most Issues so you can reallocate resources to those shifts
    • Which Agents and Groups are top performers, and which may need additional training or support
    • Ability to holistically review key statistics associated with your organization’s backlog in order to identify opportunities to reduce it
    • Correlation between CSAT and other factors such as time to resolve, Agent or Group, and Issue type which enable you to boost CSAT ratings

Ready to Get Started?

For more information, please see How can I get more out of Helpshift Analytics with Power BI?

To get started with Power BI, please reach out to your Account Manager or to .

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