Helpshift’s UserID: Serve Returning Customers Easily

Here at Helpshift, we always have your support team’s efficiency in mind. Our latest enhancement allows your Admins’ and Agents’ workflow to be even more streamlined with the ability to link the UserID on the Helpshift Issue directly back to your company’s internal database.

We understand the importance of being able to easily look up your user’s information when handling various issues like refunds or escalations. Admins and Agents want to easily navigate to that internal dashboard from the Issue Detail page to get all necessary information to reply and resolve the Issue in a timely manner.

Prior to the UserID being clickable, Agents would have to copy the UserID inside of their Helpshift Dashboard and open the user’s profile in their company’s internal dashboard. The process is now reduced to just one click, saving you time on each Issue.

How it Works:

  1. Click on the Settings Tab in your Admin Dashboard
  2. On the left hand column under App Settings, click on the App Name which you would like to establish the User ID for

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.26.16 AM

There is now a new section called “User ID Link” added to your App Settings page. This section will allow Admins to set a User ID link for each app:

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.25.31 AM

Once completed, when viewing an issue, an Agent can click the User ID to open the user’s profile in a new tab:


Please Note: If you are not already passing through a unique User Identifier, please have your Dev Team proceed to our Developer Docs below where they can see how to specify the identification in the SDK using setUserIdentifier:

iOS | Android

Have any questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]!

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