Helpshift’s Roadshow to GDC

Helpshift has a new webcast program called Roadshow to GDC! Our series consists of bi-monthly events where I sit down with different thought leaders and have an open ended (perhaps even a little heated) discussion on a variety of different topics around mobile app development, customer service trends, tricks to success, and everything in between.

Mobile developers, don’t miss the FINAL event:


Our first event was on Wednesday, January 21st. We hosted Sourabh Ahuja, VP, Android and Cross Platform Development at Glu Mobile to discuss the future of F2P. He knows how developers can optimize for monetization without sacrificing the quality of user engagement. Don’t miss this conversation – it’s available right here:

The second event was on Thursday, January 29th. Our guest Amir Ebrahimi, CoFounder of LUMINARY (creator of Greedy Goblins) sat with us to talk about the metrics you need when launching a hit mobile game. He “opened the kimono” just enough to give essential advice that will help indie developers find growth. See for yourself:

Webcast #3 aired live on Thursday, February 12th. It starred Aaron Wojnowski who–using a deeply tested product strategy–managed to get perfect ratings in the app store for Musi. He told us every trick he used. If a 19 year old developer can do this, you could probably pull it off too:

Our fourth webcast was on Thursday, February 19th. The Director of Community at TinyCo sat with us to discuss how he increases player LTV and overall engagement with community management practices. If you want detailed advice from a gaming titan, watch now:

Marketing has undergone a revolution since the launch of SaaS. I’ve found that customers, prospects, fans, and followers want to connect with your brand, product and culture in an authentic, meaningful way. They want to know that there is a human behind the promotion and messaging. They don’t want the pressure and saturation that traditional marketing tactics tend to suggest. It’s about passion. It’s about interaction and connectivity. This belief allowed me to create what I coined, “The New Webinar.” You’ll get to experience it firsthand.

I look forward to sharing the knowledge and building our Helpshift Community.

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