Helpshift’s New SDK Helps you Reduce the Number of Tickets and Promotes Self-Service within your App

Helpshift’s main goal is to help make you more efficient while promoting self-service within your app. Our platform has provided app Users with an easy way to contact you directly for assistance, to report feedback, and the ability to search for their answers in your FAQ database. While we always want to help bridge the gap between you and your Users, we also saw that some of your business needs may require you to customize when to enable the “Contact Us” button.

Previously, Helpshift has allowed you to keep the “Contact Us” button fully visible to ensure any of your Users could reach you at any point in time. Although this has proved to be beneficial to many of our customers, it has also has led to increased tickets being reported for some of our larger apps.

Based on your feedback, we saw the need to also cater to our customer base who may have tier-based support while also encouraging all of your Users to search first and self-serve by reading the FAQs.

In the SDK iOS version 4.5 and Android version 3.4.1, you can now customize when to enable the ‘Contact Us’ button, choosing to enable ‘Always’ or ‘After Viewing’ FAQs. By setting this flag dynamically, the ‘Contact Us’ button can be customized to show based on the User profile or after your User has made the effort to self-serve by searching through or viewing your FAQs as This will help you reduce the number of tickets reported while still providing exceptional service.

The new customization feature makes it easier to provide ‘Premium Level Support’ versus ‘General Support’. For your high value customers, you can choose to enable the ‘Contact Us’ button set on ‘Always’ so they have the ability to easily reach out whenever they need anything.

For others, you can also set the flag to enable ‘Contact Us’ only after viewing FAQs for any of your ‘Free’ Users. This helps reduce tickets by encouraging your Users to self server by searching the in-app FAQs and Help sections. Supercell has already seen a healthy decrease in the number of incoming tickets by using this functionality in their Boom Beach app:

Before Viewing FAQs – No ‘Contact Us’ button visible:


After Viewing FAQs – ‘Contact Us’ button Enabled:


A Note from product:

“We saw the need to help our customers, specifically in the gaming industry, reduce the large number of tickets coming in. The ability to customize when the ‘Contact Us’ button is enabled and for which Users it is enabled for, helps reduce tickets without losing the quality of service.” – Allen, Head of Product


At Helpshift, we want to ensure you continue to provide the best quality of service to your Users.

Whether it is allowing your more high value, paid Users to reach you directly or by helping your Users find the answers to their questions in your FAQ Sections, Helpshift’s newest SDK features continue to help you reduce the number of tickets reported as well as helps promote self-service within your app.

Get the Release Notes and Download the latest SDK now:
iOS v4.5.0
Android v3.4.1

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