Helpshift’s New SDK Makes Feedback and Bug Report Collection Super Easy

Helpshift’s newest SDK update allows your Users to send feedback and your Agents to solve problems quickly and easily. The new SDK feature improves the communication process for your users by giving them the ability to send a screenshot directly in a new or on-going conversation.

The ability for Users to send screenshots directly was especially important for social discovery app, Findery. By downloading the newest Helpshift SDK iOS version 4.5 they have already began to improve their User experience.

“When trying to diagnose a problem, a screen grab is worth more than a thousand words. Our beta testers and power users regularly send screen grabs to illustrate problems and even to request new features. To date, they’ve had to send them by email. The ability for them to attach these images to a bug report that they initiate was an important HelpShift feature request and we’re extremely pleased to have seen this land in version 4.5.0 of the Helpshift SDK,” – John C. Fox, Developer at Findery.

In earlier versions of our SDK, app users could only send you a screenshot if it was explicitly requested by your Agents. This was not in line with the mobile standards they are used to. In today’s mobile first world they want to be able to attach a screenshot to a message just like they can do in iMessage or Instagram.

Not only is the ability to send a screenshot the norm for your Users, it is also extremely helpful for your Agents in order to resolve Issues as quickly as possible. This is especially true when dealing with your beta testers to help you troubleshoot problems early on.

Although a little late, we listened to the requests your most dedicated Users made in order to help make communication between them and your Agents even more seamless. With Helpshift’s newest SDK iOS version 4.5 and Android version 3.4.1, your Users can attach their screenshot as they wish at any point in the conversation.


By allowing your Users to communicate with you and easily send you photos as they choose, Helpshift’s new SDKs have helped reduce any potential friction in the communication process while also helping to increase efficiency for your Agents.

Get the Release Notes and Download the latest SDK now:
iOS v4.5.0
Android v3.4.1

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