How Helpshift Helps Your Agents Seamlessly Work Together

As your team of Agents grows we understand the importance of handling tickets in an efficient manner. When Issues come in there should be a way to prevent any potential overlap from multiple Agents replying to the same Issue.

With Helpshift’s new Dashboard Collaboration feature, Agents can now see if another Agent is viewing or replying to an Issue with real-time updates in your Helpshift Dashboard.

At Helpshift, one of our biggest priorities is efficiency. Often, that equates to minimizing the number of clicks and keystrokes an Agent needs to use to resolve a ticket. However, just as any team grows, collaboration becomes increasingly important; the team needs to be able to work together in order to win the game.” – Richard in Product

What will your Agents see?

The Issues List and Issue Detail page will inform Agents when other Agents are performing actions on the same Issues.

Issues List:

In the Issues List, when someone is viewing or typing inside of an Issue, that Issue will be flagged with a yellow triangle in the left corner.

helpshift team collaboration

If your Agent sees the yellow triangle, they can then hover and see a preview of which Agent is performing an Action.

helpshift team collaboration

Issues Details Page:

If an Agent is in the Issue Detail page, they will be notified if another Agent is viewing the Issue and if someone is typing.

helpshift team collaboration


Helpshift’s Dashboard Collaboration feature promotes efficiency for your Agents by notifying them of any other Agent activity on the same Issues. There will be no risk of wasted time, as Agents will know which Issues are already being worked on.

This feature joins Helpshift’s other Team Collaboration tools: Agent Groups and Shared Smart Views which also help promote efficiency in your growing team.

Stay tuned for more Helpshift Dashboard Collaboration feature releases to help your support team perform as a single efficient unit.

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