How to add FAQ’s to your Helpshift Dashboard

FAQ’s enable your customers to efficiently find resolutions to more common problems reducing the amount of users flooding your support lines.

Popular FAQ’s

Here are some common questions that we’ve seen users ask that you might want to think about including in your Helpshift FAQ’s.

  • How to sign in and out of <app>?
  • What does this <app> do?
  • What are the minimum operating system requirements to run <app>?
  • Is my information safe? (Privacy Policy)
  • How do I update my contact details?
  • How can I contact you?
  • How much does <feature> cost?
  • Why are there ads on <app>?
  • How can I control what gets shared on Facebook?
  • Why does <app> want to know my location?
  • How can I share <feature> with friends?
  • Do you support other languages?

These are just a few suggestions you can use. Your FAQs may be different depending on the questions your customers ask.

Remember you can use images, videos and links to other content to provide the most comprehensive answer possible.

How to set up FAQ’s in the dashboard

Now that you have a few FAQ’s to get you started, you can add them to your Helpshift dashboard. To help you keep track of your FAQ’s, we recommend splitting them into appropriate sections. There are some default sections on the dashboard. Don’t worry if the default sections don’t suit you; you can edit the names.

To add FAQ’s: Go to your Dashboard → Select FAQ → + New FAQ

For each FAQ – make sure “Visible in Web” is selected and choose the platform you want the FAQ to appear in.

Important note: Ensure you flick the published button over to “On”. Otherwise they won’t be visible anywhere.

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