How to Create a New Issue on Behalf of your User

Helpshift’s Dashboard has always offered you an easy and efficient way to respond to Issues filed by your Users via In-app messaging or through your Web-Support Portal.

We realized there were some limitations with this as many of you also have to assist your Users through avenues like phone support and even direct email which isn’t getting forwarded into your Dashboard. This was requiring you to use multiple platforms to respond and not giving you a way to track all correspondence in one place. There was also no way of knowing if all of your Users questions were being addressed.

After listening to your feedback, we are very excited to bring you the ability to Create a New Issue on behalf of your User. Now you can ensure that all Issues are tracked in one place and resolved in a timely manner by your team of Agents.

How to Create a New Issue on Behalf of your User:
1. On the Issues Page under the “New” tab, click on the “CREATE ISSUE” button

Helpshift Create a New Issue
2. In the “Create New Issue for this Customer” pop-up enter:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Issue Title
  • First Message

Please note: The First Message can be a summary of an Agent + User phone conversation or direct email correspondence. It can also be used to track and answer emails from organizations within your company.

3. If you wish to be taken directly to the Issue, check the box that says “Take me to this issue after submitting” and Click “Submit”

Helpshift Create a New Issue

4. Once the Issue has been created and you are in the Issue Detail page, all behaviors are in line with any email reported Issue within Helpshift: you can Tag the Issue, Insert FAQs, enter a Reply to your User, re-Assign the Issue, and Resolve.

Helpshift Create a New Issue


Helpshift’s number one goal is to continue to optimize your workflows and increase your efficiency. The ability to Create a New Issue on behalf of your Users allows you to use your Helpshift Dashboard as the main support platform to track and assist all Issues.

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