How to Share an Issue via Email

Issues may come in that an Agent cannot solve without input from your Dev or Engineer Team. In order to troubleshoot, your Developer may require additional information which lives only in the “View More Device Data” section of your Admin Dashboard. Previously, in order to obtain this information they would need their own Dashboard login or would end up using an Agents login to access detailed ticket information.

Helpshift’s new Agent Dashboard feature “Share Issue” provides you with an easy way to export a ticket out of Helpshift. By Sharing an Issue, you can now pass the Issue transcript combined with Device Data, Custom Meta Data and Debug Logs to your Developers via email.

As soon as your Developers receive the email they can begin the troubleshooting process and help find a resolution for your User.

How to Share an Issue:

1. On the Issue Detail Page, Click on the “Share issue” link

Helpshift Share Issue
2. In the “Share Issue via Email” pop-up, enter the email addresses of who you’d like to share the Issue with. Separate multiple emails with a “,” or “;”

3. Select which information you would like to share with the email addresses entered:

  • Device info & Custom MetaData
  • Debug logs as .txt file

Please Note: both of these items are selected by default, uncheck the boxes if you do not wish to share the information

4. Click “Submit”

Helpshift Share Issue
Once the Agent clicks on Submit, an email is sent to the recipients email addresses.

The email will include the following:

1. Subject of the email – is the subject of the issue that was shared.

2. Basic User Information:

  • Name of the end-user
  • App Name
  • App Version
  • Device
  • Platform
  • OS version

Please note: Basic User information is sent always, even if both the checkbox in the modal are not selected.

3. Device Information and custom meta-data. This is controlled by the first checkbox in the “Share Issue via Email” pop-up:

Device Information :

  • Total Space
  • Free Space
  • Battery Level
  • Battery Status
  • Network Type
  • Country Code
  • Language

Custom Meta-data:

  • User Type
  • HS-Tags
  • Timestamp

4. The entire conversation transcript as seen on the Issues detail page

5. Debug logs for the Issue will be attached as a .txt with the mail. This will be included if there are Debug logs for the Issue and you have selected the second checkbox

Helpshift Share Issue


Helpshift’s new “Share Issue” feature helps optimize the communication process between your User, Agent, and Dev Team by offering an easy and efficient way to share important details necessary in the troubleshooting process.

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