This feature joins our FAQs Export functionality to offer you an effective tool when you need to complete a bulk update to your FAQs & FAQ section names, FAQs + FAQ section translations, or the status of your FAQs (Published or Unpublished).

*Note: In order to Update your FAQs as CSV, you will first need to Export your FAQs (instructions here).

Once you’ve exported the CSV file, make the necessary changes in the CSV file to be uploaded.

Now, you’re ready to upload the File:

  1. Click on the Gear Icon next to +NEW FAQ and select Update FAQs via CSV upload.
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The Update FAQs via Upload modal will now appear. This is where you can upload a CSV to bulk update your FAQs and Sections.

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By clicking on DOWNLOAD BACKUP, you will be able to export all current FAQs (before imported updates) of the selected app.

Please note that you will have to upload a zip file that contains all the CSVs of the FAQs/sections.

Important Note About File Format:

Before uploading the file, please make sure that the FAQ file is of the below format:

| id | published? | Original FAQ Title | Translated FAQ Title | Original FAQ Content | Translated FAQ Content |

The FAQ section file should be of the below format:

| id | Original Section Name | Translated Section Name |

*Please note: Each language will have a different header so instead of Translated it will show language code: EN, FR, ES, etc.

Both these files should be present in their individual language code folders inside the zip file.

Other Items to Note:

1) The Published? can be True/False only. Please note: If the ‘Published?’ column is left empty, it will not change the existing published status.

2) The ‘id’ refers to publish-id visible found in the FAQ section on both FAQ and FAQ section CSV files. The id will be the same as what was first Exported.

Once the FAQs have been uploaded, you can also choose the languages that need to be updated:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.13.33 PM

After clicking on the languages you wish to update FAQs and Sections for (if applicable) click on NEXT.

Here you’ll be able to confirm your updates and read through a summary of changes to be made. This is also where you’ll see any errors in the file. If errors are present it will give you a chance to review and re-upload the file.

If everything looks good, click on Update for the import to be complete.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.22.34 PM

Your Import will then be complete!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.26.26 PM

How to bulk update FAQs via HTML

As with updating via CSV, you will first need to Export the FAQs as HTML (More information here). Make your changes in the HTML files and then you are ready to import your updates.

Click on the Gear Icon next to +NEW FAQ and select Update FAQs via HTML upload

Update FAQs via HTML

Important Note About File Format:

Before updating your FAQs by import, please make sure that the FAQ files are in the following format:

zip file > language folder (e.g. en) > xx_faq_yy.html

Here, xx is the language code and yy is the publish id of the FAQ.

Please Note:

You cannot update section name translations. Please use CSV format if you need to do so.

In the Update FAQs via Upload modal, you can upload the file to update the FAQs. The file must be a zip file which contains all the FAQs in HTML format. Once the FAQs have been uploaded, you can select the languages which need to be updated:

Any questions? Reach our team directly: .

Published June 10, 2015
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