Improve Agent Performance with CSAT score Visibility

By popular demand, we’ve added the ability for Admins, Agents and Supervisors to see Customer Satisfaction Survey results within Issue detail pages. Now when an end user completes a CSAT survey, the score, written feedback, and date that the feedback was provided will appear on the Issue page.


What is CSAT?

The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) allows a user to provide a star rating and written feedback based on their most recent customer service experience. If you have CSAT enabled within your Dashboard settings, end users will automatically be prompted to rate their service and provide written feedback upon resolution of their Issue.


All of the information provided by the user will become available in the Dashboard upon their submission of the survey. This information is helpful for evaluating individual Agent and team performance. You can track the effectiveness of predefined answers, gather user feedback on how the customer support experience can be improved, and much more.

Search for Issues by CSAT score

You can utilize Advanced Search data to better understand how Issue resolutions are being received. Simply use the newly added feedback_rating, feedback_comment, and feedback_date fields with the available operators to construct an Advanced Search statement based on this criteria.

To gather feedback from users who gave a negative score, try searching for ratings lower than 3 with a target date range and/or certain key terms. This allows you to improve your support offerings and provides the opportunity to proactively follow up with these users.



These search terms can also be combined with other parameters to narrow down your search results. Try searching CSAT scores by app, device, tag, team member, and more, to better understand the experience these types of users are having. This is crucial data for your product and development teams when prioritizing future updates to the product.


If you haven’t used Advanced Search yet, get started now by reviewing our support article on Advanced Search.

Enabling CSAT Review for Supervisors & Agents

By default, CSAT results on Issues are viewable by Admins only. Admins can choose to turn on this feature for Supervisors and Agents. This allows Supervisors to review and provide feedback when managing their team, and provides Agents the opportunity to receive instantaneous feedback on Issues they’ve just worked on. The decision of whether to offer this view to your team members is up to you based on your team structure.


To learn how to update this setting, see How do I allow Agent and Supervisor permissions to review CSAT feedback?

Reviewing CSAT Data via the Analytics Dashboard

You’ll notice a new icon next to each Average Survey Rating in your Analytics Dashboard.


Clicking this icon allows you to review the number of Issues for each CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Survey) rating that is summarized within the average score.


You can also click each of the rating numbers to jump to an Advanced Search statement that filters for the exact Issues that generated those ratings.

Refresh Your Helpshift Knowledge

To make the most of the new capabilities of CSAT, feel free to review our resources on setting up CSAT, using Advanced Search, and managing your team:

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