Improved Tag Management: Built to Scale

Tags are a key ingredient to any successful support team. You can use tags to streamline your team’s workflow and provide accurate analytics about your support issues.

We initially designed our Tags feature to let anyone easily create tags on-the-fly. This works well in the early days when you don’t have many tags to keep track of, but as your support team matures, it becomes difficult to manage all of the tags in your system.

Today, we are releasing some features that will make it easier to manage tags in your system:

tag mgmt

Only Admins can create tags

  • This can be done in the new section, Settings → Tags.

2. Tags are case insensitive.

  1. This means that we will automatically convert all uppercase letters to lowercase ones. If the tag, “billing” has already been created, then “BiLLing” cannot be created.

3. Tags must be created before they can be used.

  1. This also applies to HS-Tags that are passed from the SDK. If you want to introduce a new tag “paid” to identify paid users, you will need to make sure that you create a “paid” tag. Be sure to sync with your Dev team here.

4. Admins can now archive/unarchive tags.

  • Archiving a tag prevents it from being used by any Agents in the future. The tag is removed from the tags dropdown, but will not be removed from issues that it was already attached to.
  • Unarchiving a tag adds it back to the tags dropdown.

*Please note: These changes only affect future tags. You do not need to create any Tags or HS Tags that you are already using.

How It Works

In Helpshift Settings, you will find a new section called Tags. In Tags, Admins can perform the following actions:

  • View all tags
  • Search tags
  • Create new tags
  • Archive tags
  • Unarchive tags

You will also be able to see how frequently a tag is used in your company’s system. This helps you understand which tags are most vital to your system.

  • # Issues with this tag
  • # FAQ’s with this tag
  • # Automations with this tag

Getting Started

Get started today by cleaning up your tags. Follow these instructions for an easy migration to Tags Management:

Outdated and invalid tags should be archived:

  1. In Settings → Tags, simply archive the tag so that it will no longer be used.

Duplicate/misspelled tags should be fixed:

  1. Create a Smart View and filter for issues with the incorrect tag (e.g. “facebok”)
  2. Select all issues and perform a bulk action on those issues to add the correct tag (e.g. “facebook”)
  3. Archive “facebook” in Settings → Tags.


  • Tag Management only applies to future tags.
  • For any future tags, make sure to create them in Settings → Tags before having your Agents use them. This also applies to HS-Tags passed through the SDK.

Have any questions? Feel free to add a comment below or email us at [email protected].

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