Improved Team Management and New Supervisor Role Permissions

As you grow and manage your Support staff, it can become difficult to add, delete, and move team members around. We’ve streamlined a few things to make it easier to run your staff, and you can perform all actions out of the new “Teams” menu.

Understanding Team roles in Helpshift

A Team consists of Admins, Supervisor, and Agents.


Admins have full control of all dashboard and billing settings. This includes configuring the Helpshift workflow (creating automations, Shared Smart Views, FAQ content and managing groups).

Supervisors (Add-on Feature)
Supervisors have access to certain Admin actions, such as inviting / deleting Agents and editing FAQs. However, they cannot modify Agent workflows or Dashboard settings.

Agents focus on answering questions raised by your customers. They can edit issues within their groups, create a personal smart view, and apply/edit FAQs.

Adding New Team Members

Admins can invite new people to the Dashboard by clicking the “Invite People” button. Once the email address has been invited, the Admin will then see that login go into an “Invite Pending” state, which means the invitee needs to accept the invitation via email.

The Admin can decide whether this new team member should be an Admin, Supervisor, or remain an Agent (all invites default to Agent). By clicking the gear icon next to the invitee’s name, the Admin will see this pop-up:


The Admin can easily assign a role and/or group(s) for this new user.

Scalable Team Management

We’ve added new features that will allow large customers, especially those with Outsourcing Partners, to better manage current team members. Admins can export their team via CSV and be able to sort by:

  • Email Address
  • Groups Associated
  • Status (Active)
  • Role (Admin, Supervisor, Agent)
  • Date Added
  • Name of Person who Sent Invite

Click on the “CSV Export” icon csv_export to download your Team CSV.

Do you have over 50 Team Members and need a quick way to locate one of them? Not to worry, you can use our real-time search feature, which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen (shown below):


Who is a Supervisor?

A Supervisor is a Team Lead or a Senior Support Manager who is authorized to manage the day-to-day operations of your Dashboard. The level of authority invested in this role can be tweaked using the Supervisor Permission Role menu shown below.


Each of our customers may use Supervisors (Team Leads) differently, which is why we’ve given you the option to customize the feature to fit your team. To make the Supervisor more like an Admin, enable more of the permissions. If you want to limit permissions of the Supervisor role, then set the permissions to “No.”

All Supervisors, no matter their permissions, have the ability to add and delete Agents from their Team. Supervisors can also export lists of the Team Members that they supervise in their Groups.

Do I Need the Supervisor Role Feature?

In order to assess whether you could benefit from Helpshift’s Supervisor Role, here are some things to consider:

Team Size and Structure:

  • How many total people are currently answering issues in your Helpshift dashboard?
  • Do you have a dedicated department for customer experience or support?
  • If you have a dedicated Support department or team, what does the organization structure look like? Is it specialized by app or Issue type?
  • If you have a team that is large (or forecasted to grow) what types of titles do they hold?
  • Agents, Team Leads, Managers, Content/Knowledge Base

Role Responsibilities:

  • Are my Team Leads responsible for generating reports on Support week over week?
  • Am I comfortable with my Agents and Supervisors editing unpublished and published FAQs?

Team Location:

  • If you work with outsourcing partners or have teams across multiple timezones, you may want to consider granting Supervisor access at least one Helpshift user. This ensures that that the Supervisor can report on their team’s performance at all times (without waiting for colleagues across the globe).

Supervisors are available as an add-on option to all Pro Plans and above. Please email [email protected] to learn more about pricing, or to ask any further questions.

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