Increase Your Efficiency and Ensure Reliable Data with Automatic FAQ Tagging!

With Helpshift’s new Automatic Tagging with FAQs or FAQ Macros feature, Agents will be allowed to automatically add Tags to an Issue when inserting an FAQ.

With a few simple steps, workflow efficiency will be increased by eliminating one less mouse-click or keystroke for your Agents. Automatic Tagging with FAQs will also produce more accurate data by eliminating any potential errors from an Issue being tagged incorrectly or not tagged at all.

“The idea for Automatic FAQ Tagging came from one simple question – ‘Is there a way to make resolving a ticket easier?’ We watched Agents resolve their support Issues with Helpshift and we started noticing a pattern: for almost every Issue, an Agent would insert an FAQ and add a Tag before clicking reply. After some research, we found out that FAQ’s and Tags are highly correlated and decided that we could sync these fields, removing the need for Agents to add tags at all”. – Richard, Product Team

How to Use Automatic FAQ Tagging (FAQ Macros):
1. Click on ‘FAQ’ tab
2. Click ‘Edit’ to the FAQ you would like to add a Tag to

Helpshift Auto Tag FAQ3. In bottom, left-hand side of Edit FAQ screen, click on ‘Edit FAQ Macros’

Helpshift Auto Tag FAQ

4. Add the Tags you would like to be assigned to this FAQ and click ‘Update’

Helpshift Auto Tag FAQ

Please Note: At this time you can only assign existing Tags to an FAQ. You cannot create new Tags from this screen. If you need to create a new Tag, please go to the Issue Detail screen, Tag, and Edit. From there you can type your new Tag and ‘Add Tag’.

5. Click ‘Save’ to save changes to the FAQ
6. In the Issue Detail Screen select ‘Insert FAQ’

Helpshift Auto Tag FAQ

Tags are automatically assigned to the Issue whenever the FAQ is selected

Automatic FAQ Tagging makes applying Tags to Issues quick and easy. Use the ‘Top Tags’ or ‘Most Inserted FAQs’ data available in Helpshift’s Analytics to offer an even better customer experience to your users.

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