How iOS8 Interactive Notifications Make Customer Care More Amazing

interactivenotificImagine that you’re shopping with a retail app, and you notice that your cart is at full price during a sale. You text a support Agent for help before continuing to browse. Soon a push notification appears: “Sorry about that. Here’s the promo code for our sale. Apply it now?” You click OK and your whole cart updates automatically. You obviously then rate the app 5 stars. This all happened within minutes. You never left the app.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced iOS8 in early June and, like he says, the update is huge for app developers. There are tons of new features coming in the September 17th release that companies can use to improve their apps’ functionality. Yet the groundbreaking update for any iOS app is Interactive Notifications, which allow users to perform specific actions from an app’s push notification without having to open the app. That means you can perform actions with an app while staying within the app you are currently using or from your phone’s lock screen. When combined with Helpshift, iOS8 just got a huge customer care upgrade.

Helpshift + Interactive Notifications = Amazing Customer Care

Helpshift already provides a seamless platform to communicate with mobile customers in the way that just makes sense–within the app. Now that iOS8 includes Interactive Notifications, the benefits of an in-app solution get even better.

Agents will be able to send support messages via an interactive notification, allowing customers to speak conveniently with companies as if they were texting a friend. These messages can also be sent to an iWatch. Companies can quickly resolve common issues by programming the solution within a notification. Agents no longer have to explain how to change a setting or redeem a reward, since now all the customer has to do is press a button.


iOS8 Supports Our Philosophy

Our goal has always been to decrease friction between Agents, customers, and mobile apps by keeping the whole experience native. We describe this approach as Customer Care. It’s the ability to design your product so that customers are served intuitively rather than reactively when something goes wrong. It’s knowing that users prefer their mobile app experience to have text messages and offline help rather than emails and web pages. The difference in retention and efficiency is unmistakable.

Helpshift is preparing our iOS SDK v4.8.0 to support the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. You’ll experience the power of our newest build in mere weeks!

Removing communication barriers makes your customers happier. They spend more, evangelize more, and make your app a part of their lives. The future of iOS – and mobile customer care – feels a lot like common sense.

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