Introducing Pending Reassignment

We’re introducing a brand-new Issue status today to differentiate between new Issues and Issues that have been reopened by the end user (but that do not have a designated Assignee): Pending Reassignment. These Issues should stand out as they have already received previous attention, and thus the end user will be expecting additional follow-up.


If you already have custom Smart Views set up for monitoring new Issues, you may have noticed that Pending Reassignment is now selected in addition to ‘New’ under the list of Status Options.


When is an Issue Status is updated to ‘Pending Reassignment?

You will see an Issue status update to ‘Pending Reassignment’ under the following conditions:

  1. When a New Issue Automation resolves an Issue, the assignee for that Issue changes to ‘Automations’. If the Issue reopens (which occurs when the user replies to the email or rejects the solution), that Issue cannot be handled by Automations again. Accordingly, the status of that Issue will update to ‘Pending Reassignment’ to serve as an alert that it will need to be handled by a new Agent.
  2. After a team member is removed from Helpshift, if an Issue that was previously assigned to the removed team member is reopened by the user (if the user replies to the email or rejects the solution), the status of that Issue will update to ‘Pending Reassignment’ so it can be reassigned to a current team member.

Working with Pending Reassignment Issues

Admins and Supervisors can monitor for Issues that are Pending Reassignment by creating custom Smart Views to show these Issues so they can be manually routed. To create or update your Smart Views, see How do I create Smart Views?

You can also identify and organize these Issues by conducting an Advanced Search, which you can also save. To learn more, see How do I use the Advanced Search feature?

You can also create New Issue Automations to automatically route these types of Issues to select Smart Views and Agents. To get started with this feature, see How do I create a New Issue Automation?

Getting Started

To learn more about working with Issues which are Pending Reassignment, see our article What is the ‘Pending Reassignment’ status?

As always, for feedback and questions, please contact [email protected].

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