Introducing Helpshift Web Chat: A Modern Messaging Experience For Web and Mobile

Helpshift now brings the power of its seamless and scalable mobile experience to the web. Today’s consumers expect instant responses and demand faster issue resolution. In a recent Facebook study conducted in 2016 by Nielsen:

  • 56 percent of people surveyed said they would rather message a business than call customer service
  • 63 percent said that messaging a business makes them see the business in a more positive light
  • 67 percent expect to message businesses more over the next two years than they do today

Helpshift is the pioneer of scalable, conversational messaging

At Helpshift, we believe that messaging is the business interface of the future. It has become the key communication experience that customers expect: it’s fast, direct, visual, and non-intrusive.

We are constantly building tools to help companies adapt to trends in customer behavior so that they can effortlessly service and interact with a new generation of consumers, and Helpshift Web Chat is just one step in that direction.

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Messaging designed for Today’s Consumers

Web Chat offers a modern messaging experience. That means your customers will feel like they are messaging with a friend when talking to a customer service agent. With intuitive and familiar messaging, your customers will spend less time trying to get an issue resolved and more time engaged with your product or service. You will be supporting them in their true moment of need.

Built-in Chatbots

Web Chat has built-in, customizable chat bots that can be easily customized and incorporated into customer service workflows without any development resources required. Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks such as collecting issue-type and user-related information, freeing up agents to focus on more nuanced tasks. This improves agents’ efficiency by allowing them to support multiple customers simultaneously and process more issues in the same amount of time, and promotes faster service and happier customers as a result.

Here are Helpshift’s New Chatbot offerings

  • QuickSearch Bot: Automatically responds to users’ questions by suggesting relevant FAQs
  • GetInfo Bot: Prompts users for their name and email so agents can get to the root of the issue faster
  • CSAT Bot: Asks users for feedback once the issue has been resolved

Quick & Easy Integration

Web Chat is easy to install: simply add a single piece of code to any webpage. With highly customizable fonts, colors, and copy, you can keep your branding consistent and match your website’s look and feel.

Intelligent Workflow Automations

Through skills-based routing you can expedite service for your most valued customers, ensure that issues are routed to the right agent at the right time, and use built-in load balancing for advanced backlog management.

360º Customer View

Customer service agents are able to see all previous chat history in addition to customized user information that is collected through the Helpshift platform. This equips agents with the information necessary for the most efficient issue resolution possible, and that level of efficiency has now been captured and optimized for the web.

Unified Platform

With one unified dashboard, agents are able to address issues coming in from all channels. All incoming issues, regardless of whether they originated via in-app chat, web chat, or email, will be routed within a single dashboard, to agents based on factors like priority, agent availability, and skillset.

Helpshift Web Chat is built on an enterprise-grade, scalable platform that can process and route millions of issues in real-time to meet strict SLAs. Web Chat offers real-time agent performance reporting and integrates with third party platforms such as Zendesk and Salesforce.

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