200 iOS Gaming Apps that Make the Most Money

Topapps.net has found that the top 200 iOS gaming apps have made $9,001,403 in revenue, with Clash of Clans getting an impressive 11% of that at $1,415,000 in revenue. King’s Candy Crush Saga comes in second with a total revenue of $989,307. Game of War: Fire Age comes third with a revenue of $844,334.

Important notes:

    1. The top 10 grossing apps have 4+ stars in the app store.
    2. Every app is free to play.
    3. A few companies have several top grossing apps, implying a winning formula.
    4. New users do not equal money – Candy Crush has more users, but Clash of Clans has more revenue by retaining active users.
    5. Retained users equal money – Game of War: Fire Age has the 3rd most revenue with only an astonishing 287 iOS users.


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