New iOS SDK Version #4.10 Available Now!

New iOS SDK Version #4.10.0 Available Now!

Ask and you shall receive! Our latest iOS SDK provides you with solutions to some of your biggest asks.

Restart a Conversation:

No more having to email [email protected] to get a ticket reopened should additional follow up be necessary at a later time. When your Users submit an Issue through the new SDK, Admins will now be able to re-open and follow up with a User through their last resolved conversation.

Attach Files in Replies:

Previously, the only file which could be sent was a screenshot from your User. With this latest SDK, you will now be able to attach files with your replies to your Users. You will no longer have to direct your Users to the web for images or files to be seen. The files will be downloaded and synced to the SDK conversation view where the User can open and view them in corresponding applications.

Support for multiple profiles on the SDK:

If your business model revolves around Shared Devices like tablets or iPads shared in one household, this SDK allows Apps to now use the login and logout APIs to support multiple users in the Help section so if they file an issue it will be specific to the Users login instead of the device ID. All conversations will be isolated per User.

Internationalization: Traditional Chinese and more

This SDK release now offers more language translations than we had before with support for Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian & Traditional Chinese.

We appreciate your patience during the time it took for us to build these enhancements. Don’t wait any longer! Get the new iOS SDK today! Download + Release Notes

The Android SDK to support these features is coming next week!

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