Is your organization building for the mobile screen first?

Mobilizing In-app Customer Service

Enterprises have been slow to embrace mobile features and support. Only 33% of large companies are good at delivering mobile experiences and only 26% of those companies are good at measuring that experience.

How could those numbers be improved? Imagine having a customer service function built right into a mobile app. Perhaps there’s a keyword search function where you can find FAQs to answer basic questions or get do-it-yourself guidance. Or an in-box with important notifications. Or, if you need help, there’s a messaging feature that connects you swiftly to a waiting agent. And it’s within the mobile app.

Those are the kinds of mobile first features Helpshift offers that can greatly enhance the customer experience for your organization.

Why Helpshift?

10,000 hours. That’s what Malcolm Gladwell suggests makes you an expert in any given field. Unlike a lot of CRM’s, Helpshift is mobile first and has been mobile focused since day one. Our engineers have been building up their mobile focused hours since 2012. It’s what separates us from others in the CRM space – and, Helpshift offers feature parity on iOS and Android. Here’s a look at some Helpshift features.

Helpshift Allows Customers To Self Serve
Self Serve.png
Helpshift Believes In Proactive Support
Proactive Support.png
Helpshift Creates A Better Experience For Your Users
Better Experience.png

Some Pain but Major Gain

Or course, moving features like customer support inside of your apps may entail some time and cost challenges. Training and change management are also necessary. You may be concerned about lost efficiency with the move to new software integrated into your app.

But it’s important to note that the mobile lifestyle is here to stay. And the benefits of adapting apps to the new paradigm will far outweigh any short-term costs.

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