“It’s All About a Bot: Reaping the Rewards of Automation” Recap

Chat revealed itself as the channel of choice for players, banking customers, and consumers in need of support during the pandemic. While this fundamental shift has been a long time coming, the behavior change was expedited by a number of key factors.

Explore these pivotal points, as well as the benefits of this shift, with Janice Le, Chief Product and Market Officer at Helpshift, and Ben Terrill, Director of Customer Experience at Brex, in this CX BFSI webinar.

Watch the full episode on demand. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights:

1. The pandemic accelerated a welcome shift in the way customer support is delivered.

“A year ago we set out to gently guide our customers toward a channel where we knew we could provide better service–and that channel is chat. There’s a history of the conversation, we can do ID verification, our agents can handle more than one case at a time, and our CSAT is historically higher. My hope now is that our customers have seen how effective chat is as a delivery channel and that they stay with it so we can better support them.” – Ben Terrill, Brex

2. Incorporating bots and automation into your customer service offering shouldn’t happen overnight.

“We started slowly. The first thing we had to do was ensure the business saw the potential and that expectations were properly managed. Then we learned as much as possible, trained our AI models, and introduced as little friction to the customer as possible.” – Ben Terrill

3. When it comes to automation, turn the “friction dial” until you find the sweet spot.

“Currently, if you talk to the Brex bot, the moment it gets confused, you’re passed off to an agent. We’ve been slowly turning, as I call it, ‘the friction dial’ until we find the sweet spot between good containment, capturing our customer’s issues and solving them, deflecting volume from our support team, and also providing the best possible customer experience.” – Ben Terrill

4. Email support is giving way to more modern channels.

“Email is a horrible channel for security, ID verification, and solving issues in real time. Also, our average handle time for email is very high and our CSAT is lower. So I think there’s a future where email is not a part of the customer support experience at all.” Ben Terrill

5. The ROI and customer experience improvement benefits of automation are both very high.

“For us, the ROI case with chat and automation was extremely compelling. And, fortunately there was also a good customer experience use case behind it.” Ben Terrill

Want more details? Watch the full episode to learn more about the benefits of using bots and automation in customer experience. To learn more about Ben Terrill, read his Mobile Revolutionary profile

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