[Key Takeaways] Maintaining Brand Promise During Rapid Global Growth

Helpshift welcomed Jeremy MacKechnie, Director of Customer Support at DramaFever. Jeremy has a unique position at DramaFever–he and his small team of 10 have managed to provide top tiered customer excellence throughout the world in just two years. How can any sized company maintain individualised and human support during rapid global growth?

Here is what we uncovered:

Customer support excellence means listening to your community
  • Feedback from customers is about interactions with your app, and feature requests which relate to improved customer service
  • The self service model is crucial for your sophisticated user base, but you need to be sure the process is intuitive and simple
  • To drive down the cost of acquisition, evaluate the feedback you are gathering and put it in the hands of your product team to improve iterations
    • To take this a step further, once a customer sees their requests implemented they feel like they are part of the culture and benefit the health of the business
Transparency cultivates a core loyal fan base
  • Your community needs to be armed with information to become your brand advocates/promoters
  • Providing them visibility into the health of the business (through the positive experience and crashes) can ensure that they stick with you and recommend you
  • Transparency fuels word-of-mouth marketing
Localization ensures seamless customer experience across all markets
  • Translate your FAQ’s for not just your top markets but every market for which your users are based
  • Train your support staff accordingly
  • Sometimes gauging your “best response” is the right response. Users want to know that you are trying to get them the help they need, even if it takes some time
  • Match the functionality across all markets. Don’t favorite.
  • It’s a good thing to tier your support and provide your “heavy hitters” premium support to drive loyalty.

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