Let Us Be Your Customer Service Lifesaver — at CCW Vegas

Customer Contact Week: Vegas

We’ve just launched Connected Customer Conversations and Helpshift for Phone —our customer service solution to connect channels and deliver an effortless experience for your customers — and we’re excited to show it off at CCW Vegas. Come meet with Helpshift CEO Linda Crawford and Co-Founder Abinash Tripathy and see our technology in action. Vivino’s VP Customer Experience, Chad Boonsupa, will also be there to discuss how an integrated customer service experience has reduced his team’s time to first response by more than 81 percent.

Chad and Abinash will be leading a roundtable on CX Automation that examines how Vivino leverages digital channels and phone support in tandem with automation in order to effectively support the world’s largest community of wine drinkers. 

“When I think about the future of our customer service experience,” Boonsupa says, “it’s to be everywhere our customers are, no matter what geographic location they’re in and what language they have the app set to — and to be there in-app, through web chat and by voice.”

Connected experiences that seamlessly leverage messaging, AI and bots is critical for brands like Vivino that have such a massive, global audience. That’s why the ability to strategically leverage phone and messaging together is the future of the company’s customer service experience.

“Having the ability to switch channels within one experience is absolutely the way we need to move,” says Boonsupa. “Through our partnership with Helpshift, we’re able to combine our two most popular channels — voice and in-app messaging. With a combination of those, we have the ability to serve our customers anywhere they want us to be.”

To learn more about Vivino’s customer service journey with Helpshift, watch this short video. Boonsupa will also be at our booth at CCW (#711), so if you can’t attend the panel, be sure to stop by and chat in person. 

With Connected Customer Conversations, Helpshift is saving brands from drowning in phone support. So, we’ll be fully embracing that theme by giving away waterproof phone pouches and advanced copies of our “Ultimate Guide to Digital-First Customer Service.” We’ll also be featuring ocean-related VR games you can check out.

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