At Helpshift, we work closely with Support Teams to provide customers with the absolute best customer experience. One subject that is always top of mind for any Support Manager is Customer Satisfaction. Today, I’m excited to announce a new feature called Customer Satisfaction 2.0, or CSAT 2.0 for short!

What is CSAT 2.0?

Helpshift CSAT 2.0

CSAT 2.0 is the mobile-first way of getting honest, qualitative feedback from your app users. You can think of this as a Net Promoter Score done in the mobile-first way. Combined with a quantitative metric like Number of Issues Resolved, CSAT 2.0 allows you to measure your Agents’ effectiveness when working with customers. You’ll be able to see that Adam resolved 50 issues last week and received 5-star ratings on all of them.

How it Works

Helpshift CSAT 2.0

SDK Issues: When an Agent resolves a ticket, and your user confirms that he has no other questions, Helpshift will prompt your user to rate his/her experience on a 5-point scale.

After selecting a rating, your user will be prompted to leave an optional reply. This step is completely optional and your user is more than welcome to send the rating with no message.
Helpshift CSAT 2.0

Pay attention to these golden nuggets of feedback. They can make the difference between a good customer experience and a stellar one!

Web / Email Issues: While CSAT 2.0 delivers an excellent in-app experience for your SDK users, you will find that this feature is not limited to only SDK issues. Many of our customers receive numerous issues from customers via their Helpshift web support portal or directly through email. You’ll be happy to hear that CSAT 2.0 provides an equally engaging experience for these customers!

When an Agent resolves Web or Email issues, Helpshift will automatically send an email to your user with a button linked to a CSAT survey. This email will be sent after a certain number of days which can be configured in the Settings tab.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.38.59 AM

When your user clicks on the “Send Feedback” button, she will be directed to a web page that prompts her for a star rating and optional reply.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.41.05 AM

Finally, Admins will be able to view all of these ratings and comments in Analytics (coming in October). As an Admin, you can easily see who is delivering the best quality service to your customers.

Benefits of CSAT 2.0

Before today, getting qualitative feedback to assess an Agent’s performance was an extremely painful process.

Companies would send emails to their users after resolving a ticket, which would then have to be opened and replied to outside the context of your app. This process works fine on the web, but it’s fundamentally broken for in-app experiences.

With Helpshfit’s CSAT 2.0, you can easily get real-time feedback from your users about their customer experience while they are in the same context. In our initial pilot studies, we found that users are 65% more likely to reply to a CSAT survey when delivered in-app as opposed to email.

How to Get Started

Convinced? Get started today! CSAT 2.0 can be enabled for SDK and Web/Email. See the instructions below on how to enable CSAT 2.0.

Enabling CSAT 2.0 for SDK Issues (requires SDK update)

  1. Upgrade to our latest SDK’s – iOS v4.7.0 and Android v3.5.0
  2. Under “App Settings” select your app
  3. Find the Customer satisfaction survey option
  4. Toggle this switch to “YES”
Helpshift CSAT 2.0

Enabling CSAT 2.0 for Web / Email Tickets

  1. Click on “Web and Email Support”
  2. Select your preferred number of days after an Agent resolves an issue to send the CSAT survey email.
csat for email

In Summary

Our philosophy is that effective communication happens in the right place at the right time. For mobile apps, this means that the primary mode of communication should happen in-app, where the context makes sense and the results are actionable.

You work hard to build engaging apps that users don’t want to leave. You’ve taken a step forward by supporting them within the app. Now it’s time to have your users help you reach a new level in providing excellent customer experiences.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Have questions for us? Feel free to comment on this post or email us directly at .

Published September 10, 2014
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