Helpshift Mentions: Collaborate with Agents Inside your Dashboard

Update: Keep Track of Your Mentions

We’ve made it easier to keep track of all of your Helpshift Mentions! You can now refer to a default Smart View called “My Mentions” that will contain all of the Issues that you have been Mentioned in. Here’s what it will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.54.17 pm

Better Mention Visibility

When you are in a Smart View, you can easily see which Issues need your attention as there is an unread indicator for your Mentions. If you haven’t read an Issue where you’ve been Mentioned in, you’ll see a dark blue message indicatormentions_icon in the Issues Feed (see below).


Disable Email Notifications for Mentions

Now that you have a Smart View for Mentions, you may want to disable your Email Notifications. We now allow you to enable or disable Email Notifications for your Mentions. This is controlled at each login/user level, so some of your team members may want email notifications, while others may not.

What are Mentions

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that will make it easy for Agents and Admins to work on Issues together. With Mentions, you can tag any other team members in Private Notes so they can be alerted in real time. Our goal with this feature is to enable Agents to work more efficiently and resolve Issues faster.

Here are some ways your team can use Mentions to improve your workflow:

Alert a Developer to Unique Crashes

Some Issues might need Developer attention or assistance. Now you can Mention a Developer so he can get notified and investigate a specific crash inside Helpshift. Your Developers don’t spend as much time in the Dashboard as you do, so Mentions are a great way to bring them in for priority Issues.

Ex: “The dragons are freezing on Level 42.” @Joey, can you take a look at this?”

Have a Senior Agent Check a Reply Before it’s Sent to Users

Agents may want a second pair of eyes before sending a response to certain users. How you word things to your users makes a big difference in their acceptance of your response. An Agent can Mention a Senior Agent to proof their response in the Private Notes of an Issue.

Ex: “We regret to inform you that we cannot process your refund because of x, y, and z.”

@Bob, did I outline these reasons correctly?

Notify Your Billing Department to Process Refunds

After an Agent communicates to a user that a refund or credit will be issued, the Agent can easily notify your Billing Department to process the refund without having to leave Helpshift. The Agent can simply Mention the Billing Agent/Admin in a Private Note with the reason and amount of refund.

Ex: “User is being refunding $58.12 because item was lost in transit.” @Sarah, please process this.

How to Mention a Team Member

When you are creating a Private Note in an Issue, you will be able to Mention any other active Agent/Admin in Helpshift. To Mention someone, type “@” and you will see a dropdown of Admins/Agents who you can Mention. Select the person you want to Mention and then click Save. After you complete the Private Note, the people who were Mentioned will get notified via Emails and Growls about the Issue.


Note: The goal of Mentions is to notify a select group of Agents about an Issue. Mentions is not designed to broadcast an Issue to your whole team. If you want to showcase an Issue to your whole team or company, you should use the Share Issue function.

Viewing Mention Notifications

When you are Mentioned in a Private Note, you will receive this Email Notification:


If the Issue is assigned to you and someone else adds a Private Note to your Issue, then you will get this Email Notification:


Note: If an Admin/Agent has disabled Email Notifications, then they will not receive these Mention Email Notifications.

Helpshift Tip:

You can create custom Filters and Rules for Mention Email Notifications. Here is the email structure for the above Email Notifications.

“You are Mentioned” Email

Subject: <Agent name> has mentioned you in #ticket number
From: Helpshift<noreply@<domain name>>
Mail title: You have been mentioned in an issue on Helpshift

Private Note Added to Your Assigned Issue

Subject: <Agent name> added private note to issue #ticket number
From: Helpshift<noreply@<domain name>>
Mail title: A private note was added to an issue assigned to you

More Enhancements to Mentions

We’ll be releasing another update to Mentions before the end of the year where you’ll be able to have a separate Smart View for “Your Mentions” as well as more control over Mention Notifications. Please keep an eye on our Blog for the next update!

-Helpshift Success Team / [email protected]

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