Everything You Need To Furnish Your Mobile Help Desk

Every desk has its standard items: pens and pencils, a phone, a computer, a calendar, sticky notes, and a notebook or two. Like a physical desk, a mobile help desk should be outfitted from the get-go with a few necessary accessories.

These mobile help desk features enable agents to bring their fully equipped “desk” with them, wherever they go.

1. Mobile Chat

There are nearly 4 billion global active users of messaging apps, and the top five apps in the world in terms of frequency of use are all messaging platforms. Users engage with messaging more than they do with even Facebook or Instagram.

Your customers are used to an iMessage and WhatsApp experience on mobile. Give that same experience to your agents and your customers alike, with mobile in-app messaging. Your agents can respond to customers in a chat-like environment, on their smartphones, and easily mark tickets at the conclusion of a chat.

2. Push Notifications

Alert your agents of high-priority tickets wherever they are. Like your customers, your agents are on-the-go, and need to be alerted wherever of ticket updates on whatever mobile device they choose.

Use deep-linking to bring your agents directly from a push notification into the ticket at hand. This enables them to rapidly solve high-priority issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Reporting

Gain insight and identify bottlenecks in your customer support, even when you’re not sitting at your desk. Mobile help desks enable customer support managers to view analytics on their agents, customer satisfaction, and response time.

4. Personalized Analytics

According to data by Forrester, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized experience. But personalization is not just for consumers; it can also save your agents valuable time by offering up customer data from the get-go.

A fully outfitted mobile help desk should include customer data alongside any ticket. Don’t have your agents waste valuable time asking questions about device type, past purchases, account level, etc. Give them the data they need to rapidly resolve customer issues.

The Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity

5. Cross-Platform

Regardless of what device your agents are using, they should be able to access their support platform. 74% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent. Resolve this issue by making your customer service mobile for both your agents and your customers.

This isn’t to say that you should encourage your agents to work during off-hours or be available 24/7. Rather, it’s that your agent should be able to go get a cup of coffee, see an urgent ticket request on their smartphone, and respond to it on-the-go.

6. Skills- Based Automatic Routing

Send your customers to the agent best-able to serve their question right from the beginning with skills-based automatic routing. If a question is highly technical, have it automatically sent to an engineering agent. This guarantees that the most capable agent will answer the question quickly and efficiently, from wherever they are. Don’t waste your agents’ or your customers’ time by sending them to the wrong person.

The Importance Of Including Every Accessory

You wouldn’t give a new employee a desk without a computer, and you shouldn’t give your agents a mobile help desk without any of the above listed features. As consumers become increasingly mobile, it’s time to enable customer service agents to do the same.

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