The most followed female Twitch streamer per country

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform for gamers to watch live gameplay, comment, chat and interact with one another. As of March 2021, Twitch’s monthly active users had grown 69% year-over-year with 9.36 million active streamers.

Of the top 10 Twitch streamers in the world – Ninja being the most popular with 16.7M followers – only one is female, leaving us wondering why, as 41% of US video gamers identify as female

Helpshift has done some research to find the most popular female gamers in 39 countries and uncovered how much they earn in comparison to their male counterparts. 

Twitch: Facts and figures

Justin Kan launched Twitch in 2011 as a spin-off of which started in 2007 and broadcast his life 24/7, pioneering lifecasting in the process. Twitch is now worth just under $4 billion and boasts 140 million monthly active users (MAUs).

In 2017 Twitch released official figures that showed only 18.5% of users were female, in 2021 that figure has grown to 35%. Even though that is a significant increase of 16.5% in the span of four years, the platform continues to be dominated by male users. It’s reassuring to see the statistics balance out but we would love to see more women in gaming and streaming overall. 

Each Country’s Favourite Female Twitch User

Male streamers are still leading when it comes to followers and income but Helpshift are dedicated to an equal playing field which is why we are showcasing the leading female Twitch users here.

Here  are the female streamers with the highest number of followers worldwide;


Born in Morocco but now based in Canada, Imane Anys aka Pokimane is the leading female streamer on Twitch with 7.82 million followers and an impressive $14,641 estimated media value. 

Pokimane was in her second year of chemical engineering at college when her streaming career started to take off with sponsorships, subscriptions and donations causing her to drop out and move to LA to focus on her streaming. 


American Kaitlyn Siragusa (aka Amournath) has 2.89 million followers and has a media value totalling at  $9,686. Outside of streaming, Amournath is interested in cosplay, painting and drawing.

Amournath’s streams have been known to include a range of genres and topics including  ASMR, horse riding and gaming from a hot tub. 


With 2.5 million followers, Kathleen Belsten, aka Loserfruit, is Australia’s top female streamer. Loserfruit has an overall media value of $7,678 and gained a following for her live streams of games such as League of Legends, The Sims, Rocket League, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto. 


Spanish streamer Cristina López Pérez aka Iamcristinini leads with 2.1 million followers and a media value of $1,098.

Cristina’s game of choice is Grand Theft Auto, streams of which have helped her rake in an average of 13, 604 viewers per video, peaking at 28,528 for her most popular.  

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s most popular female streamer with 1.8 million followers is Maria Lopez, otherwise known as Chica. 

Chica is a current Fortnite addict and has a media value of $1,314. Her average number of viewers sit at 2,692 with a peak of 3,624.


Although she now lives in the UK, German-born streamer Niki aka Nihachu is still Germany’s most popular Twitch streamer, having amassed a following of 1.7 million people and an overall media value of $4,135.

Nihachu often streams gameplays of Minecraft with her content averaging 17,336 viewers and reaching up to 119,682.

United Kingdom

Anita aka Sweet Anita leads the female Twitch streamers in the UK with 1.7 million followers and a media value of $4,586. 

Sweet Anita predominantly plays Grand Theft Auto and Apex Legends. She is also well-known for interacting with her viewers during streams. 


With 1.5 million followers, Pelin Baynazoğlu aka Pqueen has a media value of $4,438.

Pqueen spends a large portion of her streams chatting and playing Fall Guys, The Sims, Camping Simulator and Resident Evil Village. 


Olivia, or Loeya as she’s known on Twitch, has gained an impressive media value of $10,672 and a following of 1.4 million. 

Loeya plays Fortnite and Valorant with a peak viewing of 2,886. 

More top Female twitch Streamers

CountryNameTwitch NameFollowersMedia Value
CanadaKristenKittyplays1.1 million$341
TaiwanJenelleIndiefoxx751 K$44,227
KoreaGo Eun AhSaddummy632 K$17,880
LatviaDana DimaDanucd633 K$1,979
Ireland/Zayka Princess28.3 K$36
JapanAkiko Kayo MatsuzawaRaelilblack249 K$2,737
GermanyAnni DivineDivi56.6 K$112
ItalyMartina GarzianoKroatomist418 K$1,891
CzechNatalie KarovaNatalkaa332 K$621
PortugalBiana SimilamoreBianquinha182125 K$1,026
FranceJuliette ArzJulietteArz235 K$262
GreeceMaria SmyrliSLaki20.1 K$69
RussianKira VoronovaK i r a72 K$1,422
PolandDominika Nycztyrisftw64.1 K$1,955
NetherlandsMathia KoolhoutMathia41.9 K$246
DenmarkMarie WatsonMarieWatson106 K $3,373
NetherlandsSuzannabeautyxskillz74.8 K$89
Lithuania AisteItssky242 K$815
SwedenAnnieAnnieFuchsia247 K$1,255
NorwayKirstin GunnBububu93.4 K$1,177
Austria/Miss rage364 K$2,936

Disparity Between Male and Female Twitch Streamers

Seeing the number of female streamers gradually edge up over the years has been a great achievement for inclusion in the gaming community, but there are still gaps in this success.

Pokimane is the most successful female Twitch streamer with a considerable following of 7.82 million while her male counterpart Shroud is currently at 9.21 million followers. 

Across most countries, male streamers have remarkably more followers. In America, for instance, popular male streamer Ninja has amassed a following of 16.73 million compared to Amournath’s 2.89 million. It’s a similar story in Spain with Rubius leading over Cristinini by over 7 million followers.

Estimated media value varies as well. Shroud’s average media value for example is 55% more than Pokimane’s. 

Looking across the leading streamers in Canada, America, Australia, Spain and the UK the female streamers average media value totals $37,689. Top male streamers in the same countries have a combined media value that is more than double that at $85,405. 

There are a few discrepancies to this unbalanced pattern however. 

Australian streamer Kathleen Belsten has 2.5 million followers and an average media value of $7,678 which is leagues ahead of her male counterpart Crayator who has a following of 728 K and an average media value of $1,684.

In Sweden male streamer Fragbite has a meager following of 180 K compared to top female streamer Loeya who reigns with 1.4 million behind her. Similarly with their average media value, Loeya leads by  a substantial $9,264.

There is a lot of scope for female streamers to be just as successful as male streamers but, when it comes down to it, they’re breaking into a male dominated industry and this doesn’t happen overnight. 

The female streamers who are gearing up to compete with the high numbers of leading male streamers shows us that, over the next few years, this will start to be a much more equal playing field. 

Twitch has given the world an opportunity to showcase a love for creativity and gaming in a way that hasn’t been possible before and champion female players are levelling up and moving through the ranks as we speak. 

Twitch is a fantastic platform which is giving female streamers the opportunity to find their space in the gaming community and the scope to get creative about building their personal brand in a highly competitive industry in 2021. 

Helpshift is committed to being part of the female gaming evolution and we’re excited to have a team of technical female leaders in our team who are part of continuously improving our offerings for our customers. 


Each Twitch streamer’s followers and average media value / video were found using ‘Influencer Marketing Hub’s Twitch Money Calculator’ which gives an indication of the media value of any Twitch channel along with the likely cost of buying a sponsorship for that channel. These values weigh up numerous factors, but effectively indicate the level of influence of the chosen Twitch channel.

The figures used were correct as of June 15, 2021