MoviePass Transforms Customer Service Experience with Helpshift’s Asynchronous Messaging and Bots

MoviePass is the fastest growing subscription service, ever. After ballooning from 20,000 to three million users during Spring of 2018, the MoviePass support team also saw a massive accompanying spike in support requests.

“We had an extremely high volume of chats earlier this year that continued through the summer coming from our subscriber base,” said Jake Petersen, SVP of Operations at MoviePass. “Even when we were ramping up and scaling our customer service team aggressively, providing a live chat experience for all our customers isn’t something that we were going to be able to support.”

Petersen spoke with us recently about how Helpshift capabilities such as asynchronous messaging, bots and AI have allowed MoviePass to elevate the customer experience without having to dramatically scale headcount.

All in all, the Helpshift platform was able to help the MoviePass support team achieve higher customer satisfaction — at a lower cost. Watch the video below to hear Peterson’s commentary, and read the full case study here to learn how the team:

  • Improved the user experience, measured by a 20 percent increase in CSAT
  • Saved agents more than 45,000 hours thanks to AI and Bots
  • Reduced the time it takes an agent to resolve an issue by 24 percent

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