Introducing My Open Issues: Consolidating your Agents’ work into a singular place

We wanted to make it easier for your Supervisors and Agents to focus on Issues that have been assigned to them. Instead of having your Supervisors and Agents click in and out of “New Issues” and “In-progress Issues,” they can now work out of a single My Open Issues view.

Use Sorting with My Open Issues

Utilize the Sort option in My Open Issues so your Supervisor and Agents can organize their Issues based on Oldest, Latest, and Wait Time. This is great for maintaining your SLAs. Your Agents can also run Advanced Search filters in My Open Issues to quickly find priority items as well.

Getting Started

To learn more about this feature, please review our My Open Issues article Where did my ‘New Issues’ and ‘In-progress Issues’ Views go?

Recently, we also added some more routing capabilities that work well with My Open Issues. Check them out below:

Thank you! As always, for feedback and questions, contact [email protected].

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