New CC Feature Adds Ability to Copy Internal/External Followers on Issues

It can take a village to support a user.

In 2014, Helpshift introduced a “Private Notes” feature to allow for seamless collaboration between multiple Agents working on an issue. Today, we are excited to announce an additional tool for collaboration: the ability to “CC” additional Agents, vendors or stakeholders on a given issue. This feature allows for several new use-cases:

– Add Agents as silent “watchers” on issues that aren’t assigned to them so they are notified of updates. This could be useful if you’d like a new hire to follow along with an informative issue for training purposes, or if the issue requires response from different Agents during different time zones.

– If you manage a team of Agents, add yourself to high-impact issues so you can follow along with your Agents’ progress.

– Work with developers or other stakeholders who don’t have login access to your dashboard? Now you can escalate issues to them without leaving the dashboard or starting a separate thread.

How it Works

  1. An editable “CC” field can be found in the options in the left sidebar of any open issue.


2. Clicking “edit” will bring up a dialogue box in which you can start choosing who you’d like to CC. To CC another Agent or anyone else with access to your dashboard, you can simply start typing the Agent’s name and select it from the drop-down:


Otherwise, you can CC anyone by entering a valid email address:


Agents added to an Issue’s CC List will be notified about any new responses to the Issue. Agents or managers can also use Advanced Search to look up all Issues being followed by an Agent. To see who added you to a thread or just check on the CC history for an Issue, you can view the audit trail by clicking “Show Activity:”


NOTE: If an issue’s assignee is also on the CC List, they may receive duplicate email notifications. We will show a warning near the CC List advising you to remove the assignee from the CC list to avoid spam.

3. Emails sent to both CC’ed Agents and end-users will have, as a subject line, “Re: [Issue title]” and contain the text of the last 10 emails in the exchange. For example, here is what a CC’ed user might receive after being added to a thread (emails will use custom email templates for the associated channel, so they will not necessarily look like the example below):


NOTE: If Agent privacy is turned OFF, we will display the Agent’s name with each response; if it is turned ON, we will simply display the Support Channel name.

You can use the CC feature to escalate Issues to a developer, loop in a vendor for a specific package, add a manager as a silent watcher on an issue, include multiple end-users or external contacts in a single thread, and more. Happy emailing!

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