New Forrester Report: Five Methods For Measuring Call Deflection From Experiences That Begin With Digital

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For a long time, the status quo for contact centers has been using inbound phone calls as a primary channel of customer service. Leading brands are starting to adopt chat-based messaging as their primary channel, though, and for many enterprises this transition has proved challenging to justify from an upfront cost perspective.

Once in place, the benefits of messaging are clear: messaging can be personal, conversational, and far more scalable that phone calls. Customers don’t have to wait on hold or be transferred between agents, agents can handle multiple chats at once (unlike phone calls), and bots can help countless customers self-serve instantly. Messaging should be a clear-cut winner.

Yet according to Forrester, “brands struggle to prove that customers resolve issues in these lower-cost channels without escalating to more expensive channels.”

Arming customer service teams with actual ways to measure ROI is important. Especially when it comes to proving messaging as a valuable channel not just as a first line of defense, but as a self-contained resolution channel.

Check out this latest Forrester report and learn how to:

  • Measure the success of digital containment
  • Focus your process improvements at specific failure points
  • Mine call deflection data to drive both efficiency and effectiveness

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