New Time Filter Function in Automations

We are introducing a new function to New Issue Automations that will benefit your regular auto-replies and/or Smart Routing rules. The Time Filter function gives you the ability to apply Automations to new Issues based on when they arrive on your Dashboard. If they come in during certain dates or hours, such as during or outside of your regular business hours, you can set the Automation to filter, tag and assign those Issues as needed. This can be helpful for tracking Issue volume based on time, prioritizing Agent availability during those hours, and much more.

How do I Use the Time Filter?

To set up the Time Filter within your existing Automations, first think about three actions you want to take when a new Issue comes in. For this example, we are going to do an Automation for customers who don’t have Smart Routing, and we’ll also do some for those with Smart Routing.


You can configure an Automation to always run regardless of day or hour. Some good uses for this include:

  • Adding a Tag based off of Keyword Strings
    • Ex: Add “Bug” Tag if message contains “crash,” “broken,” “frozen,” etc.
  • For Chat, you can send an auto-reply that the message has been received
    • Ex: Reply with “We’ve received your message. Someone will be with you shortly.”


You can configure an Automation to only run within a given timeframe. A common use case for this is your regular business hours. Some good uses for this include:

  • Normal auto-reply during business hours with your SLA
    • Ex: Reply “Thank you for contacting us. We’ll get back to you in less than four hours.”
  • Route Issues via Smart Routing (link) to your Agents

Pro Tip: If you want to modify your auto-reply to be more personalized, you can set up a couple variations based off of Time Zone. So for your normal business hours, you can tell your users:

  • “Good morning” = 7am to 12pm
  • “Good afternoon” = 12pm to 5pm
  • “Good evening” = 5pm to 8pm


You can configure an Automation to run outside a given timeframe. A common use case for this is how you want to handle off-hours or outside business hours. Some good uses for this include:

  • Standard auto-reply during non-business hours with SLA
    • Ex: Reply “Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, you have reached us during off hours. Someone will get back to you tomorrow at 7am PST.”
  • Track and Tag Issues that come in during non-business hours
    • Ex: Add Tag “offhours” and run a count each day of how many Issues have that Tag
  • Route emergency Issues to specialists during non-business hours
    • Ex: If Keyword String has “fraud,” then assign to James (fraud specialist)

Refresh Your Helpshift Knowledge

If you are confused on what Agent Groups are or how to set up Shared Smart Views, here are some links that cover these features and other ones to improve your team efficiency when using Helpshift:

Our Success Team will be hosting several webinars over the next few months to review Smart Routing and two new Dashboard features. Stay tuned to sign up and learn more about those updates! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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