New Workflow Option: Assign Issues to Yourself

We’re introducing a new feature today that helps Agents easily assign and view all issues within a single, focused Issues View. With “Assign Issues to Me” your Agents can assign themselves groups of Issues from their existing Shared Smart Views.

Agents can now work out of their “My New Issues” default Smart View instead of being forced to switch between their individual Shared Smart Views. This allows your Agents to focus their efforts resolving issues and spend less time navigating through the Dashboard.

Use Cases

Bulk Issue Assignment

  • The ‘Assign Issues to Me’ feature was designed to minimize time lost save time when it comes to when routing Issues to Agents.If your current workflow involves a Customer Support Lead assigning Issues to your Agents, then this new feature will save you this unnecessary step. With ‘Assign Issues to Me’, your Agents have the flexibility to assign themselves multiple Issues from any visible Smart View. This eliminates the need for CS Lead to do this manual process anymore.

Outsourced Agents

  • Often times outsourced agents are required to meet a daily quota for Issue resolves. This feature allows agents to allocate Issues to themselves, giving them greater visibility on how they are tracking in terms of Issues assigned (& resolved) per day.

Agents Can Organize Their Workflow Like a “To-Do List”

  • Use this feature to organize their workload more like a ‘To-Do’ list, especially when there is an issue backlog. Agents can view all assigned Issues along with their status, allowing them to move through their Issue specialization more efficiently.

Important Pro Tip: if you have a Shared Smart View that displays ALL new issues, these agents could assign themselves issues they aren’t qualified to handle. Make sure you adjust your existing Smart Views with the appropriate permissions.

How Does it work?

Agents will see an “Assign Issues to Me” box in any Shared Smart View that is shared with them.


When Agents click this box, they’ll be given the choice to assign themselves:

  • 5 Issues
  • 10 Issues
  • 20 Issues

Note: The grouping for Assign Issues to Me is takes the oldest Unassigned Issues first automatically.


Similar to Bulk Actions, there will be a progress bar to show when an Assign Issues to Me request has been completed.


After the Assign Issues to Me steps have been completed, your Agents will now see their issues in the newly created My New Issues section.

Note: Only one Agent can perform an Assign Issues to Me at one time.

Issues can only be assigned to one Agent at a time. So if two Agents perform the action around the same time, the later Agent will have to wait until the first Agent’s action is done. This is based off of “First come, first served.”

Should this scenario occur you will be prompted with the following message:


Feature Permissions

You can choose to enable or disable this feature for your Agents. In the Permissions section, you’ll see an option to toggle Assign Issues to Me for your Agents. If you have this feature disabled for your Agents, then only Supervisors and Admins can perform Assign Issues to Me.

Helpshift Tip

To enable a more consistent and efficient workflow, you’ll want to do 2 things:

  1. Disable the Bulk Edit Permissions for Agents
  2. Enable Assign Issues to Me. By doing this, you’ll only allow your Agents to retrieve Issues in bulk.

We’d love to hear your feedback about this new feature! Please email us at [email protected]

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