Upcoming Events

Meet the Helpshift Team

Webinar: Why Brands Like Amazon are using “dumb” bots for smart service

Sept. 13 at 10am PST/ 1pm EST

Helpshift founder Abinash Tripathy joins the VentureBeat team to discuss why companies like Amazon are dumping the NLP bots and going all-in on a new generation of rules-based chatbots.

Conversational Commerce Conference

San Francisco, CA
Sept. 12-13

Meet the Helpshift team at C3 San Francisco 2018, hosted by Opus Research. Learn how you can transform your customer service experiences through the power of machine learning, AI, and chatbots.

Dreamforce 2018

San Francisco, CA
Sept. 25-28

Meet Helpshift at Dreamforce 2018, the largest technology conference in the world. Get to know Helpshift’s latest AI-powered platform capabilities alongside hundreds of companies offering innovative ways to help transform your business. 

CX SF 2018 Forrester

San Francisco, CA
Oct. 2-3

Meet the Helpshift team at CX SF 2018, where innovators and technologists come together to reinvent the customer experience.  Learn to create an “immersive, seamless customer experience”— both online and offline.

2018 T3 Enterprise Conference

Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 22-24

Join Helpshift at the 2018 T3 Enterprise Conference and learn how Helpshift’s AI-powered customer service platform can provide solutions that cater to the specific needs of the financial services industry.


The AI Summit New York

New York, NY
Dec. 5-6

Join Helpshift at the AI Summit where you can learn about the practical implications of AI and how it can change your business productivity.