Upcoming Events

Meet the Helpshift Team

SensAI Social LA

Los Angeles, CA
July 26

Join Helpshift for AI, Bots, Conversations & Thoughts. Find out how the future of customer service will be driven by artificial intelligence and chatbots, and learn how to put these new technologies to work for your organization.

Webinar: How to Build a True Conversational Messaging Platform

Aug. 2 at 10am PST/ 1pm EST

Hear from Opus Research Lead Analyst Dan Miller and Program Director Mitch Lieberman alongside Helpshift co-founder Abinash Tripathy, as they discuss the necessary conversational experience that brands and enterprises need to provide in order to engage and retain today’s consumers. 

VentureBeat Transform 2018

Mill Valley, CA
Aug. 21-22

Join Helpshift at VentureBeat Transform 2018: Leveraging AI and analytics for growth. Learn how to navigate today’s trends surrounding cloud, big data and AI, and how industry leaders are using these capabilities. Hear real business stories about how artificial intelligence is changing the game, and how it can level up your organization too.


Cologne, Germany
Aug. 22-25

Join Helpshift at Gamescom 2018 to take part in the fun, entertainment, inspiration and innovation. With some of today’s largest mobile gaming companies already using Helpshift, this is a huge opportunity to see what Helpshift’s AI-powered messaging support platform can do for your brand. 

Dreamforce 2018

San Francisco, CA
Sept. 25-28

Meet Helpshift at Dreamforce 2018, the largest technology conference in the world. Get to know Helpshift’s latest AI-powered platform capabilities alongside hundreds of companies offering innovative ways to help transform your business. 

CX SF 2018 Forrester

San Francisco, CA
Oct. 2-3

Meet the Helpshift team at CX SF 2018, where innovators and technologists come together to reinvent the customer experience.  Learn to create an “immersive, seamless customer experience”— both online and offline.