October Success Spotlight: Getting Started with Custom Bots

Delighting customers at scale. This is an important value to brands across the board, but it’s often easier said than done.

Customer Success Manager Ashley Mo says that one of the most common questions she hears from her clients is, “My ultimate goal is to be able to serve all my customers, to help them get what they need, but my agents are overwhelmed! What can I do to help?”

Well, the traditional answer has been to rethink operations and hire more agents. But that’s the old way. Today, there’s another option for scaling successfully — a far more cost-effective option than increasing headcount.

Helpshift UI for Custom Bots
A Helpshift custom bot can be used for an array of use cases.

Custom bots.

Depending on the industry, custom bots can be leveraged to solve for a variety of use cases. With Helpshift’s bot-builder, this is easy to do, and Ashley addresses the basics below.

1. So what is a custom bot, and what are some of its benefits?

A custom bot is a solution to automating certain repetitive and standardized tasks. Instead of having human agents work off a standardized script for these issues, managers can set up simple decision trees that will result in effective bot-based workflows to help users get their issues resolved quickly and accurately . This frees up agents to handle more of the complex and high-level tickets.

2. When and for what should I use custom bots?

Custom bots can solve for quite a few operational issues. If you find that, as a customer service manager, any of these concerns apply, then custom bots can help you tremendously.

  • My agents spend a good chunk of their time collecting information about the user and issue
  • I need to hire more agents because of growing demand for support
  • My customers have a poor UX because they have to wait for extended periods of time for a response

Managers should consider those ticket types that can be resolved through routine workflows and that also make up a large percentage of overall volume. Examples of automatable ticket types include recovering lost accounts, order information retrieval, and billing issues.

3. How do I get started?

The Helpshift Bot Builder makes it easy to get up and running with bots.

In order to get started, managers need to group issues into different categories and evaluate the most prevalent types that can be partially or fully automated through a bot.

For each selected category, managers need to then list the details required for each step of the issue resolution process. If information from the customer is needed upfront, this is a good indication that a bot can be used for at least part of the process.

Once the resolution process is spelled out, building the bot is the easiest part. Without any developer or technical knowledge required, managers can use the Helpshift Bot Builder to create, test, and iterate bot-based workflows and automations.

Helpshift offers Advanced Business Analytics to track the effectiveness of your bots too! Learn more about custom bots here and request a demo today.

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