Optimize Your Team’s Workflow and Priorities with Shared Smart Views

Shared Smart Views enable you to ensure the right members of your support team have easy access to the information they need on their dashboards when answering tickets. You can use Shared Smart Views to align your team around specific workflows, so you can streamline and enhance customer service across your organization.

What can I do with Shared Smart Views?

Shared Smart Views

Almost everything! You can easily create Smart Views that can be shared with everyone, just admins or agents, or even certain admins or agents within an Agent Group. You can filter views by issue status, platform, application, language, and even tags.

If you have iOS and Android versions of your app, you can create a Shared Smart View for your team for each platform. With Shared Smart View, Android users can focus on Android issues, and iOS users can focus on iOS issues. Shared Smart Views will enable you to quickly align the smartphone users on your team with their respective Issues.

You can also use Shared Smart Views with the HSTags feature in the Helpshift SDK. Using HSTags, you can tier the “app spenders” in your app and create views for each tier. You can then tell your team to always prioritize the issues in the view for the highest tier.

Did you just bring on a new team member or even five? No problem. You can instantly give them access to all of the Smart Views they need with just a few clicks, ensuring they have the tools they need to respond to support requests and keep customers happy.

How do Shared Smart Views work?

Whether you need to change the platform, app, or language associated with the Shared Smart View, it takes just a few clicks by an admin and it’s done. Do you want to change the status of the Smart View, or adjust which support team members are assigned to it? You can do that, too. You can also change the tags associated with the Smart View and give it a name, making it easy to keep track of multiple Smart Views. As an admin, when you share the view, it appears as an added Smart View below the four default views. To your agents, it looks like an additional default view.

Once you have your Shared Smart View set up the way you want (and you can always change it later), you select which agents can access it. If you are already using Agent Groups, your options are as varied as the number of groups you have created. If you do not have the Groups feature, you will be able to set the Shared Smart View to either “Everyone” or “Admins Only.”

When you need to adjust your customer service workflow, you can quickly update your Shared Smart View to reflect the changes to get everyone on the new system and back to working quickly.

Shared Smart Views Groups

How can I get started?

Shared Smart View keeps your team focused and efficient in responding to and managing whatever types of support requests come in. It gives each agent – whether a veteran or a new addition to the team – easy access to the tools they need to quickly and efficiently resolve requests. For more information on Shared Smart Views, please visit us at www.helpshift.com.

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