Optimize Your Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts!

Workflow efficiency is one of our highest priorities here at Helpshift. We know you receive hundreds of support issues each week, making every keystroke and mouse-click matter. Today, we are excited to bring you Keyboard Shortcuts.
Agents can now quickly Reply, Resolve, and Insert FAQs in back-to-back issues without ever having to leave the keyboard.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts:
On the Issue Detail page, these shortcuts will work when the cursor is in the chat box:

Helpshift Keyboard Shortcuts
These shortcuts will work when the cursor is NOT in the chat box:

Helpshift Keyboard Shortcuts

How it Works:
1. In the Issues tab, click on the Smart View you want to work through (e.g. “tier 3” tickets)
2. Click the first Issue
3. Use the keyboard shortcut to open the “Insert FAQ” widget (⌘ + . or Ctrl + . )

Helpshift Insert FAQ Keyboard Shortcut

4. Start typing a keyword to find the FAQ you’re looking for
5. Select the FAQ from the search results (Up/Down Arrows)
6. Insert FAQ (Enter)
7. Use the keyboard shortcut to Reply and Resolve (⌘ + Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Shift + Enter)

Helpshift Reply and Resolve Keyboard Shortcut

Alternatively, Reply (⌘ + Enter or Ctrl + Enter)

Helpshift Reply Keyboard Shortcut

8. Use the keyboard shortcut to go to the next issue ( → ) to Reply and Resolve the next Issue

Keyboard Shortcuts were created to help you optimize your workflow process. Resolving issues is now made simpler and easier for your Agents.

Editor’s Note:
As your dedicated Customer Success Manager it is my goal to ensure you are taking advantage of all the tools available to you and finding the utmost value in our product. If you would like more information on any of Helpshift’s features or would like to chat more about Helpshift, please contact me directly at .

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