Mobile Marketing Agency

As a division of App Growth Network, App Guardians Mobile Marketing Agency is an award-winning app marketing agency that arms mobile apps with the customized app marketing strategies they need to overcome growth challenges and rise above the competition.

Overview of Service 

We specialize in acquiring users, engaging and retaining users, creating rock-solid ASO strategies, and accelerating app revenue and subscriber LTV with a holistic full-funnel approach. 

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Overview of Integration

Guarding and accelerating growth for hundreds of apps like Zynga, Ten Percent Happier, Thinkup and many more

App Guardians and Helpshift’s integration enables you to delight your customers with a modern support experience that yields ROI, faster resolution times, and higher CSAT. Helpshift’s In-App support capabilities run hand-in-hand with our experienced Lifecycle Marketing Specialists to formulate a tailored user journey that will assist the user with simplified navigation and receive quick, easy-to-understand in-app support.  


To uncover the importance of providing today’s users with a slick and easy-to-use customer service option right inside the app and the many benefits a platform like Helpshift can have on your overall growth journey!

Watch our interview with Eric Vermillion, CEO of Helpshift.