Automated Error and Crash Reporting

Backtrace is a cross-platform error management solution for desktop, mobile, devices, game console, and server platforms that drastically reduces debugging time and improves software quality through automated capture, insight about impact, and essential context for investigation in one interface.

  • Accelerate time-to-first response by prioritizing critical errors
  • Improve average-time-to-resolution
  • Higher CSAT from your player & higher player retention
  • Reduce the backlog driven by email-based support
  • Full visibility for your customer support team & developers team
  • Be more proactive and keep users playing the game

Overview of Product

33% of reported issues from players are related to gameplay problems, such as bugs and crashes. Keep your players happy and use Backtrace to proactively identify problems, implement quicker fixes, and deliver more seamless gameplay experiences.

Learn more about Backtrace here.

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Overview of Integration

Combining Backtrace’s automated error reporting with first class in-app player support with HelpShift provides developers with the insight and data they need to quickly find and address code issues across all platforms and devices. It gives you the ability to collect error information without asking the player to manually provide data and have rich in-app communication with a user or a group of users. Together, Backtrace and Helpshift keep engineers focused on building and maintaining seamless app experiences.

Find out more about the Unity Backtrace and HelpShift SDK integration here.

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