Support Automation

Manual customer support is unsustainable due to: (1) increasing complexity of customer problems (2) increasing volume of messaging interactions. Support automation is the imperative. AI is necessary to power intelligent virtual agents and to match customer problems to the right solutions and/or expertise.

Overview of Product

Our CX automation platform helps enterprises launch and train virtual agents that significantly boost their automation rate. The platform helps:

  • Embed and analyze all messaging conversations for insights.
  • Deliver answers inline, automatically.
  • Use predictive routing to escalate to domain experts, in channel.

Download Research Report – Directly focuses AI on getting answers to customers

Overview of Integration

Directly seamlessly integrates into Helpshift messaging channels to improve the success and round-the-clock coverage of these channels.

  • Identify opportunities for automation
  • Automatically resolve customer questions
  • Train machine learning models to continuously improve results