KantanAI are the creators of the most advanced neural translation technology in the world.
We empower companies via AI to reuse data by building, training, and customising domain specific language translation solutions.
Providing digital transformation of the customer experience operations and for support professionals to improve customer journeys, no matter the language.

Product Overview

KantanStream connects into your Helpshift support desk, instantly allowing the agent to handle tickets or chats from any customer in any language. Designed to remove the language barrier, as well as improve and establish standard CSAT across all markets. Building better product knowledge and hiring for skill not just language.

Integration Overview

When a ticket or chat is created KantanStream auto detects the language and automatically translates it for the agent in a matter of seconds in the Helpshift UI. The agent now reads the tickets, responds as usual however all the text, images or articles used are translated back into the native language for the end user.

The end users get the support they need in their language and the agent has a complete view of both source ticket content and translated messages.