Mobile Communication and Loyalty

QWASI’s mobile communication and loyalty platform enhances the customer experience by offering real time, native, personalization to mobile devices. The mobile experiences offered are proven to grow customer acquisition, increase same day sales, drive additional foot traffic, and increase customer retention. Brands now have a way to engage customers on mobile without forcing app download, kicking off a two way dialogue that enables immediate chat support to assist in a seamless shopping experience, meanwhile amplifying social media campaigns to drive online sales.

Overview of Product

QWASI’s solution includes a customizable interface, mobile CRM, campaign manager, and APIs to integrate with all systems.

  • Build acquisition and grow mobile CRM by connecting IoT customer touchpoints
  • Communicate over mobile in real time with personalized, gamified experience
  • Leverage new types of First Party Data to optimize business objectives

Overview of Integration

QWASI’s solution offers new IoT touchpoints (Wifi, NFC, QR, SMS, Beacons) and a holistic mobile loyalty experiences that drive customers to engage with Helpshift.

  • Creates an acquisition point in a native mobile experience that provides a new mobile CRM from Helpshift customers
  • Provides additional datasets that can help grow understanding of the HelpShift bots to enhance customer profiles and AI understanding
  • Facilitates a unique record for every customer that allows for historical understanding of each customer, as well as other ways that customers has attempted to engage previously, and the unique customer journey ahead of the the HelpShift engagement


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