Deliver Instant Answers, 24/7

Customer service chatbots use artificial intelligence and automation to respond to customer service issues through a live chat or messaging interface. Helpshift’s chatbots give precise, instant answers to customers 24/7 and automate entire agent processes at scale.


Reduce Costs

Whether through web or mobile, Helpshift chatbots are designed to carry out pre-scripted conversations or workflows to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Built to identify intent and context, our chatbots dramatically reduce ticket volume and accelerate issue resolution time through fully and semi-automated support interactions.

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Deflect Tickets with QuickSearch Bot

Helpshift QuickSearch Bot uses Natural Language Processing to identify and answer customer questions. Using content from your knowledge base, QuickSearch Bot responds instantly to customer tickets depending on keywords within their initial message. This enables you to automatically resolve basic issues, or seamlessly escalate conversations to human agents upon customers’ request.

Meet Our QuickSearch Bot

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Automate Entire Support Workflows

Build fully customizable automation bots with the aid of Helpshift’s decision-tree architecture. Using rules-based logic, automation bots can fully automate ticket resolution or collect relevant customer information such as dates, order numbers, and issue types for an agent to act on.

See How it Works

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Deploy in Minutes

Our code-free, visual interface enables you to build chatbots in minutes, without the aid of developers or IT teams. You can rapidly test, iterate, and deploy complex workflows for a variety of use cases at every point along the customer journey.

Explore How

Use the Helpshift Cost Savings Calculator to see how much you can save from using messaging, bots and AI.

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Track Performance in Real-Time

Monitoring bots is easy. View individual or overall bot performance, through actionable analytics. You’ll then be able to boost productivity by removing bottlenecks, creating more efficient bots, and automating new use cases.

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Simplified API Integration

Helpshift integrates with your existing APIs, allowing you to provide customers with instant access to information and updates for order status, delivery date modification, refunds and returns, and so much more. Our visual configuration interface allows for quick, easy integration into any API-enabled internal system.

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Improve Agent Productivity

Combine self-service, intelligent automation, and bot-assisted service across digital channels with ease. Agents can easily take over issues from bots to manually resolve complex issues and designate bots to handle routine workflows, allowing your agents to handle more issues and resolve tickets faster.

See How it’s Done

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