Reduce Customer Churn

A well-built proactive support and engagement strategy plays a critical part in customer retention.  In combining customer insights with the right technology, you can proactively reach your consumer base and prevent at-risk activities and scenarios, allowing you to build stronger relationships and detect problems before they arise.


Uncover Hidden Signals

Helpshift’s built-in analytics and integration with Microsoft Power BI give you instant insights into arising problems, technical issues, or general activity that you can correlate to customer churn.  From there, you can map specific product features to these data points as a preventative (or additive) measure to boost engagement and reduce churn rates.


Prevent Unnecessary Support Tickets

In-app and push notifications are powerful tools to help you bring customers back into your app. Helpshift lets you engage users with new offers, useful resources, and timely support information.

Push Messaging

Drive Customer Engagement

Using Helpshift’s in-app messages you can engage your customers in a highly personalized way. Whether you want to re-engage inactive customers or follow up on a pending issue, proactive notifications get the job done.

Playdemic uses Helpshift’s push notification capabilities to keep players engaged, resulting in a 4x increase in Facebook users.

Campaigns Screenshot

Easily Personalize Campaigns

With Helpshift’s proactive support you can segment your customers based on their user profiles and metadata. Personalize your outreach based on a variety of criteria including time zone, app version, VIP status or last login date, so you can target customers with precision and stay highly relevant.

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