Amazon Customer Support Integration

Take omnichannel engagement to the next level.

Deliver Connected Conversations Between Channels

Watch how Helpshift with Amazon Connect helps you deliver a continuous, omnichannel experience for your customers no matter where their issue originates. Whether a customer starts on the phone and moves to messaging, or a message with the brand and is escalated to a call, Helpshift gives you the power to create a continuous conversational experience between channels.


Never “Hold for an Agent” Again with Amazon Customer Support

Helpshift’s integration with Amazon Connect enables brands give customers the choice to shift their phone call to messaging, where they can get help on their own time without hold times. Let customers “Dial 1 to Message,” and drive digital self-service right from your Amazon Connect IVR, delighting users and freeing up agents for the issues needing a human touch.

A Voice is Just a Touch Away

Digital self-service is powerful for brands and empowering to customers, but sometimes it makes sense to connect customers with the warm and comforting voice of your support team! Helpshift’s bots can escalate an automated messaging interaction to an Amazon Connect phone call, preserving context so the agent and the customer can pick up right where the message left off.

Break Silos with a Unified View

Helpshift’s agent dashboard brings together a simple and intuitive Amazon Connect CTI interface with our next-generation AI-powered agent dashboard. The result: Agents can work seamlessly with bots and information from other systems, delighting your customers across channels. When the phone and modern digital channels play nicely with each other, customers enjoy a frictionless, conversational experience.

Get a closer look at how Helpshift enhances the customer experience with Amazon Connect customer support