API Customer Service Done Your Way

Create powerful support experiences with Helpshift’s versatile APIs and customer service automation capabilities.

What is an API and why is it important?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a type of software which enables communication between a pair of applications.

We use APIs in our day to day lives all the time, but many of us aren’t even aware that we’re doing it. For instance, when you log onto social media and send a quick message to a friend, or share a post you’ve found interesting, you’re instructing that application to complete the task using an API.

The software is important because it’s integral to so many applications, and of course it’s a vital part of API customer service. Without APIs, many of the advancements we’ve seen in applications over recent years would never have been possible.

Workflows that Work

Create powerful, customized support workflows by integrating CRMs, order management, inventory management, project management, and other systems with Helpshift’s Cloud APIs and Webhooks.

Automate with Bots

Now you can fully automate common issues with the help of customer service automation bots. Automate issues such as order status, delivery date modification, refunds and returns, and so much more. Our visual configuration interface allows for quick, easy integration into any API-enabled internal system.

Top performing B2C customer service organizations automate more than 50% of their tickets with bots.

Monitor your API Customer Service Support Metrics

Helpshift APIs give you access to a range of support metrics to evaluate the performance of agents, teams, customer service automation bots, FAQs and more. You can create powerful and customized support reports through common tools such as Tableau, Qlik or Domo.

Customize Support Experiences

Helpshift’s rich client APIs and widgets also let you create support experiences tailored to your customers’ specific needs. Just embed the web messaging widget directly in your application or website, or develop your own messaging client through Helpshift Cloud APIs.

Learn how Helpshift’s API for customer service helps you transform customer experiences