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Infuse your customer service operations with bots that are both easy to configure and highly customizable, and improve your overall CX in the process


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Helpshift’s graphical bot builder allows admins to easily deploy powerful new enterprise bots within minutes, without any training or developer help. Admins can easily test, iterate and deploy bots across any number of use cases.


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Our unique approach consists of deterministic rules-based bots that work in conjunction with a highly accurate AI that triages new issues to the right bot or agent. This approach eliminates risk from pure NLP-based based bots that are often inaccurate and result in a poor customer experience.


Seamless Handoff Between Agents and Bots

Agents can easily take over issues from bots to manually resolve complex issues but also designate bots to handle routine workflows. This helps agents both handle more issues and resolve them faster.


Continuously Monitor and Optimize

Admins can easily monitor the performance of individual bots as well as overall bot performance through analytics. They can then easily remove bottlenecks, create more efficient bots or automate new use cases to achieve superior productivity.



New eBook! The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Service Bots

Growing B2C brands need bots to improve scalability and speed in customer service, and this guide displays different bot use cases, as well as when and how to invoke them. 

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Some of the main benefits in implementing AI and bots for us is definitely erasing some of the very repetitive, manual tasks—like restoring accounts, refunds—things like that that are very basic, easy to resolve, but also volume generators.

Saara BergströmCMO at Next Games

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