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Business Intelligence

Discover Trends, Measure Performance and Take Action

Provide unparalleled support and gain valuable insights into customer behavior with actionable analytics and business intelligence


Power BI Advanced Analytics

Access customizable, granular views of your operations and promote better decision-making across your organization with compelling, insightful data dashboards

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Support Analytics

Discover customer friction points and improve overall performance of your support organization.

  • Review issue trends down to the minute and track your response time SLA goals.
  • Track upticks in volume, increases in select types of issues and other unusual changes in your workflows and efficiently allocate resources to address them.
  • Understand the correlation between CSAT and other factors such as time to resolve, agent, issue type and more.
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Agent Analytics

Evaluate your team members’ activity, quality of support and efficiency with Agent Analytics.

  • Evaluate agent productivity and track billable hours with an activity report that tracks issues assigned, issues resolved, last available vs. last online metrics and more.
  • Monitor and compare team and individual agent performance over time.
  • Identify top performers and agents who may need training and improvement.
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FAQ Analytics

Track your customers’ searches, discover FAQ efficacy and develop content that is in line what your users are looking for with Power BI Deflection Report.

  • Track successful and failed deflections by FAQ sections and language.
  • Identify FAQs with high successful or failed deflections by device.
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Custom Reports

Leverage user-friendly self-service tools to create custom reports with compelling data visualizations that make your data easy to understand at a glance.

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Standard Analytics

Evaluate performance, optimize support workflows and improve the customer experience with Helpshift Analytics.

  • Review metrics for each of your web and mobile applications by issue type, volume and team.
  • Identify which user groups are writing in most often (paying, non-paying, VIP, etc.), what types of issues are being submitted (feedback, bugs) and any changes to your regular issue volume.
  • Understand how your users are interacting with your support tools, including number of users opening your Web Support Portal, reading an FAQ article, reporting issues and more.
  • Compare these metrics across apps.

Deliver exceptional experiences everyday with actionable insights and advanced analytics