Case Management

Orchestrate A Seamless Service Experience

Automate your customer service funnel and transform your support organization with AI-powered case management

Slow resolution times lead to churn: build lifelong loyalty through faster, smarter service

  • $41B Lost by US companies each year following a bad customer experience
  • 69% Americans who would recommend that company to others after a positive experience

Source: A Nation Of Serial Switchers, The Multibillion Dollar Cost of Poor Customer Service — NewVoiceMedia

Workflow Management

Minimize customer frustration by reducing wait and resolution times with intelligent workflows that effectively triage and route millions of issues to the right agent in real-time


Speed up service and meet your support team SLAs with customizable automations that can engage bots, automatically tag issues, assign them to specific agents or queues, send auto-responses and more.

  • Trigger actions after a predetermined length of time with time-based automations.
  • Configure rules to automatically triage and route new inquiries with issue-based automations.


Streamline agent operations and reduce service inefficiencies by routing issues to specific agents and queues based on language, user type, customer status and more.

  • Limit agent capacity so that customers don’t experience long wait and resolution times with built-in load balancer and backlog management.


Improve first contact resolution rates and issue resolution time by intelligently routing issues to the most qualified and available agents.

  • Prioritize issues based on customer information and issue type with priority-based routing.
  • Segment and automatically route issues to the most qualified agents with skill-based routing.

Unified Dashboard

Deliver consistent customer experiences and manage your omnichannel service operations by integrating all your digital support channels – including web, mobile and email – onto a single platform.

  • Drive cross-channel efficiency by consolidating, prioritizing and assigning issues from different channels from one unified dashboard.
  • Boost agent productivity by allowing them to provide cross-channel support from a single interface. They don’t have to toggle between tabs or navigate away from Helpshift Dashboard to provide support.

Workforce Management

Efficiently manage your team and stay on top of agent performance with
Helpshift’s workforce management capability

Teams & Groups

Effortlessly manage distributed teams and improve service efficiency by structuring your agents into teams and groups.

  • Impact
  • Group agents by skills and specializations.
  • Organize agents into teams based on issue-type, channel specialization, outsourced support partnerships and other customizable parameters.

Workload Management

Get unprecedented visibility and actionable insights into your service operations, and take real-time action to manage inefficiencies with Helpshift’s Real-Time Operations.

  • Impact
  • View real-time metrics on the performance and capacity of their teams and queues.
  • Proactively spot backlogs and inefficiencies.
  • Instantly manage resources to meet demand at scale.

Agent Productivity

Supercharge your agents and dramatically improve customer experience with AI-powered tools that help your agents provide fast, effective and personalized support at scale

AI-Powered Agent Assistant

Increase the speed and efficiency of your service team by intelligently suggesting relevant articles from your knowledge base right within the agent dashboard.

  • Impact
  • Improve time to first response
  • Reduce holding time

Quick Replies

Improve time to first response and reduce holding time by offering prewritten messages that agents can use to quickly respond to inquiries.

  • Impact
  • Improve time to first response
  • Reduce holding time

Agent Collaboration

Allow your agents to easily tap a knowledge base of internal experts and stakeholders to quickly and effectively resolve service requests through collaborative case management.

  • Impact:
  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Minimize time to first response

360º Customer View

Enable any agent to provide personalized service to any customer by arming them with complete, contextual and up-to-the-minute customer information upfront.

  • Impact
  • Reduce time to resolve
  • Increase retention

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