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Improve customer satisfaction, automate simple interactions and optimize service workflows

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Meet our Bots

Use bots to serve as trusted gatekeepers for critical channels
and to automate handling routine tasks


Answer Bot

Instantly respond with content from your knowledge base, deflect issues and seamlessly transition to human agents when needed.

  • 95% 95+ percent ticket deflection with self-service. (Helpshift customers)

Identity Bot

Easily automate information collection for lead capture or service issues.

  • 67% 67 percent of consumers want chatbots if they can reduce the time it takes to explain the problem to an agent.


What gets measured, gets managed. Track and manage the performance of your customer experience through our in-built CSAT bot.

  • 30% 30-40 percent of customer contacts are routine interactions that can be automated.

Some of the main benefits in implementing AI and bots for us is definitely erasing some of the very repetitive, manual tasks—like restoring accounts, refunds—things like that that are very basic, easy to resolve, but also volume generators.

Saara BergströmCMO at Next Games

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